District 94 Is Tied After Ds Fail At Tossing Out One GOP Vote

When a voter puts their ballot in the box they expect it to be counted. Fair enough, right?

Today Democrats thought otherwise in a recount for a House of Delegates seat in Newport News as they tried to throw out a vote from a ballot that clearly went straight party ticket for the GOP (pictured below).

Democrat lawyers argued that it was an over-vote and the intent of the voter was unclear. Ridiculous. Thankfully the three judge panel who heard this nonsense did not agree with the Democrats. The ruling was to count the ballot (what’s wrong with that?) and count the ballot for Delegate David Yancey (oh he’s a Republican, I see the problem).

Democrats will lawyer up to throw out Republican votes. Then they will tell you voter fraud is not real. Then they will tell you voter ID is racist. They basically have no legs to stand on when it comes to voter integrity issues, which is reprehensible.

Party lines should not dictate which votes get counted.

The result is the race in House of Delegates District 94 is tied at 11,608 votes. Now on to a coin flip or drawing of names from a bowl/hat or drawing of straws. Really.

But that won’t end it either. The loser can request a recount, which is almost certain. So get ready for more of this to unfold in the next few weeks. As of right now, Republicans hold a 50 to 49 seat majority in the House of Delegates. Stay tuned

Here’s the ballot Democrats claimed should not be a part of democracy.