Identity Politics vs. Ideas

Richmond Times-Dispatch published an article Wednesday about 10 House races to watch. One of the races mentioned was described as; “The race features white male vs. white male, so it’s received less national media attention than other races.” Unbelievable. Remember when campaigns were about ideas instead of just identity politics?

So if two white males are running, then how on Earth is a LGBTQ[and any other letters] supposed to know who to vote for?

Ideas are important. They should be taken into consideration. The alternative is to shame voters into a charity vote as they describe themselves as a representative of their [fill in whatever demographic, it doesn’t really matter]. Michelle Obama brought this up recently when she shamed female voters who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton last year.

Ideas, anyone? Do they matter anymore?

But Hillary did lose, so I guess that’s a good sign that for some voters ideas do still matter.