Huge Fundraising Numbers By Jordan For Delegate

D.J. Jordan raised $100,166 in the 1st quarter of the year, good for 5th most among all House candidates. He has $88,891 as his ending balance on March 31st. These are huge numbers for a first time candidate for delegate.

Jordan was certified as the Republican nominee for the House of Delegates in District 31 a few weeks ago. He is running against Delegate Elizabeth Guzman, who was a co-patron to Delegate Kathy Tran’s late-term abortion bill, HB 2491.

Republican Scott Lingamfelter served in the 31st for eight terms until 2017’s slaughterhouse that ended in Democrats picking up 15 seats. Of those 15, this district has one of the best chances of swinging back to Republicans. Jordan’s 1st quarter numbers are impressive and certainly fit into the narrative that Republicans can win back this seat.

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