Heritage Action Backing Rep. Brat’s Re-Election Campaign

Heritage Action, a conservative political action committee, has promised funds for advertisement buys in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, which is represented by conservative Republican Rep. Dave Brat. The ads will be through digital, print, and TV.

In all, Heritage Action has pledged ad buys for 12 congressional candidates, so making the list is exclusive company reserved for only conservative candidates in districts that are competitive. Brat is in good company and will benefit from extra positive exposure. Any ads that run will not have been coordinated with any of the campaigns, but we can trust Heritage to do a good job of delivering the right message to the right audience. Heritage Action keeps a scorecard on lawmakers and Brat has a lifetime score of 96%.

In their press release announcing their commitment to this fall’s campaigns, Heritage Action Executive Director Tim Chapman says,

“This fall, Heritage Action is investing resources in 12 key congressional races across the country. We believe our organization is uniquely positioned to protect conservative seats in Congress and preserve the Republican majority. This effort will enable Heritage Action to effectively leverage our grassroots and government relations efforts to fulfill our core mission—enacting conservative policy into law.”

The press release mentions that the ads will highlight the immediate benefits from President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The Heritage Foundation found that “the average American couple with two children will keep an extra $2,917 of their paycheck in 2018 and benefit from a $44,697 increase in take home pay over the next ten years.” Those are not “crumbs,” as Rep. Nancy Pelosi put it, that’s real money. 

Heritage Action believes “These real numbers demonstrate the importance of voting for principled conservatives this November—especially when Democrats are threatening to repeal these tax cuts and reduce workers’ take-home pay.” They end their press release with a fair warning to all- “Americans cannot afford the bad economic policies that the Democrat Party would implement were they to win this November.”