Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights

The 2nd Amendment is about protection. It gives individuals the right to protect themselves against aggressors. If you are in danger, then you have the right to protect yourself. If you are a Mike Tyson like individual, then throwing a few punches could supply enough protection from an aggressor. But if you only weigh 100 pounds soaking wet, then you’ll probably need a weapon to supply enough protection to stay safe from an attack.

Let’s say a 6 foot 5 inch tall man decides to get physically aggressive with a 5 foot 2 inch tall woman. That woman would be in danger. Self-defense class may have taught her a few choice spots to hit the perpetrator, but even then that may not be enough. But a weapon sure would help. If the woman pulled a gun out and shot the bastard, then she would be safe. And what’s wrong with that?

A gun levels the playing field. Big dudes, with the exception of Marvel’s Luke Cage, can not take a bullet and continue to hurt someone. Women, generally speaking, are smaller than men, so they are at a great advantage in securing their personal protection by carrying a gun.

So gun rights really are women’s rights.

A recent graduate of Kent State University, who took graduation photos carrying a rifle, understands this. Check out her tweet-

Instead of championing the culture of victimhood, this young lady is making sure she doesn’t experience a horrible assault, or worse. And yet, somehow, gun grabbers and even modern day feminists want to disarm women, which really doesn’t make sense.