GOP Redistricting Plan Approved By Committee

On a party line vote, the House Privileges and Elections Committee voted 12-10 to advance the Republican redistricting plan.

Del. Rob Bell had submitted a redistricting plan that made a lot of sense, but Democrats did not like it. So Del. Chris Jones submitted a revised plan, similar to Bell’s, that is supposed to have some support of Democrats, but none on the committee. We liked Bell’s plan, but Bell said he was fine with Jones’ plan, so we’ll defer to Bell.

The Democrats’ plan was a joke that grouped Republican delegates into the same district, while not grouping any Democrats into the same district. What a coincidence! More on that linked here.

Here’s a good quote to remember. It’s from Democrat Mark Sickles, found in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“It’s very difficult to do this when you’re asking people, ‘What do you want in your district?’”

Basically, he is saying that legislatures are ill-equipped to handle redistricting. Let’s remember that should Democrats ever take over majority control of the General Assembly.