Extreme 15

The Republican Party of Virginia launched a new page last night called “Extreme 15.” The page is dedicated to the 15 new Democratic Delegates elected in 2017 to Virginia’s House of Delegates. The page highlights the rookies’ lowlights, which are plentiful. Seriously, at least one of these kids is a communist.

From the RPV website

Richmond, VA – Today, the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) released an extensive analysis of 15 freshmen Democrat Delegates in the Virginia General Assembly. Known as the “Extreme 15,” these legislators have a propensity to support and patron radical, far-left legislation. The RPV’s breakdown of these Delegates highlights some of their most extreme qualities.

As we have already seen in just two short months, House Democrats don’t have the best interests of their constituents in mind. From vicious attacks on millennials and tech companies (see proposed taxes on Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, Airbnb, etc.) to shady, self-serving behavior (see Gooditis, Fowler), Virginians are beginning to realize that the Extreme 15 cannot be trusted to lead.

The Extreme 15 have already become infamous in the Virginia General Assembly for their exceedingly liberal, self-serving, and ineffective representation of the Commonwealth. The list features the most egregious examples of incompetence put on display by the Extreme 15, who were elected for no other reason than their party affiliation.

“We wanted to highlight what Virginia voters are getting with this group of Delegates who are far outside the mainstream of Virginia,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “These Delegates ran on the ‘hate Trump’ agenda, and unfortunately, many of them won. Letting Virginians know of these Delegates’ extremism will undoubtedly cause voters to reconsider their decisions and turn the tide in 2018 and 2019.”

The #Extreme15 can be found here.