Even Columbus Day is All About Partisanship

Growing up I learned about Columbus Day and even as a little kid I thought it was inaccurate to describe Christopher Columbus landing in the New World as a “discovery.” Native peoples were already here, Columbus even met some of them. Also there is a lot of evidence to support the claim that Viking fishermen were here long before Columbus. Either way, you just can’t discover something that is already known to people. I didn’t discover algebra, I learned about it math class. Columbus learned of the New World and he is responsible for educating Europe on the location. Easy enough, right?

Oh no, no, no. In the post-Hillary-Clinton-lost world, every single thing is a chance for partisan division.

Now this next part is important (get ready to be thoroughly offended). Whether you like limited, decentralized government or expansive, centralized government has absolutely nothing to do with whether you say “Columbus discovered America” or “Columbus didn’t discover a damn thing.”

But yesterday I saw articles on why the left hates Columbus Day and articles on why anyone who likes Columbus Day is a racist monster. What?

So where I am on the political spectrum here? As a kid I thought Columbus was a fake celebrity. Today I think Spain and Italy should celebrate Columbus Day all they want, but in the United States we should pass because we have so many other events of consequence to celebrate the founding of the greatest country on Earth. But right now we can’t even rally together around the flag, the one symbol we all have to share. We can thank the radical left for high-jacking the flag. It is just disgusting to say the flag is racist. If the flag is racist, then Americans have not one symbol to unite.

Really looking forward to Thanksgiving, which is supposed to be about the three Fs; family, food, and football. So will it be wrongfully inclusionary to spend the day with family? And will it be sinfully gluttonous to gather ourselves around a large table full of delicious food? And, of course, will the NFL just completely screw-up the football part for everyone? So yeah, really, really looking forward to Thanksgiving.

Yesterday was eye-opening. Columbus Day is now a chance for a hard divide along political partisan lines. This is not a good sign.