EPA Likely To Continue In Same Direction

The good news about Scott Pruitt’s resignation as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency is his successor, Andrew Wheeler, is likely to continue the Trump administration’s agenda of deregulation with ease.

Wheeler is currently the EPA’s Deputy Administrator and he will assume the role as acting Administrator beginning Monday. He has worked at the EPA as an environmental lawyer. He has also worked on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, which has oversight on the EPA. He has also worked as a congressional aid and as an energy lobbyist. This wide range of experience offers a comprehensive viewpoint of how federally imposed environmental regulations are created, shaped, executed, and the effects they ultimately have on the environment, industries, and the economy. Or in short, he is extremely well-qualified for this position.

We liked Pruitt a lot because of this policy positions and effectiveness in deregulation that ended many overreaching regulations from the Obama administration. With Wheeler, we expect to see the same policy positions as Pruitt but with more delicately crafted language that will hold up to any legal challenges brought by angry leftists who don’t understand that climate is not a static temperature.

From suing localities over rain to over-regulating as many businesses as possible, the EPA is an unelected body which has too much power. The new administrator needs to continue the work of deregulation and limited government.