El Paso Rallies Illustrate Stark Contrast

President Donald Trump held a rally in El Paso, Texas to highlight support for stronger border security. At the same time, failed US Senate candidate beta male Robert O’Rourke held a rally in El Paso to support his open border policy. Trump brought in 30,000 people while beta male O’Rourke brought in several hundred, 800 by one report. That’s a bigly difference.

Beta male O’Rourke is currently contemplating a run for the Democrat nomination for president. His underwhelming rally may be a hint at how his presidential campaign would go. If beta male O’Rourke does decide to run then he should fire the advisers who told him it would be a good idea to stage a rival rally during Trump’s rally.

Of course Trump brought thousands and beta male O’Rourke brought hundreds. Is anyone surprised at this? The optics were terrible. “That may be the end of his presidential challenge,” said Trump during his rally.

ABC News, and others, called beta male O’Rourke a “rock star” during his failed US Senate campaign. He didn’t look like a rock star in El Paso.

Beta male O’Rourke actually said, “walls end lives.” It is as though he is in a competition with himself for the most outrageous position to take.

President Donald Trump v. beta male Robert O’Rourke for president is a race we welcome. Bring it on.