Ed Yensho for 5th CD Chairman

Guest Post by Ed Yensho

​Dear Fifth District Leaders,

Have we learned nothing from the historic 2016 election?

The voting public made it abundantly clear they want a voice in the governance of our Party and nation.  Friday’s surprise announcement, coming with only one week’s notice for the election of a new Congressional District Chair, reeks of cronyism and insider trading. Couple that with the blackout of the Fifth’s website and we are failing the public. Voters are screaming for transparency and we must make that our core mission or we will fail miserably.

With that being said, I announce my intention to seek the position of Chairman of the Fifth Congressional District Committee and ask for your vote.

I am one of you. I cut my teeth in Republican Party activity by first working on campaigns and developing relationships across the Fifth. I then devoted my time to internal Party activity at the local unit serving as Chair of Special Events, then started a two year outreach called “GCRC: Alive”. This was followed by stints as acting Second Vice-Chair and then First Vice-Chair. I then ran and was elected as Chairman. As you well know, no one can imagine what it is like to be a Unit Chairman. We receive hits from the Left and Right; are the recipients of countless “all you gotta dos”; must constantly operate on a shoe string budget; and always search for a consensus from very disparate viewpoints, the hallmark of our Party. Having lived it, I get it.

The Fifth needs to move into a new era of transparency, and cross-county and cross-District activity in order to build unity of purpose centered on the Republican Creed.

I ask for a chance to lead the Fifth on this mission as demanded by the voting public. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Finally, I wish Lynn well in her new and challenging roll as senior caretaker in her family, and thank her for her years of service in the District.


​Ed Yensho


Ed Yensho is the Greene County Republican Committee Chairman. He is one of two candidates running for Chairman of the 5th Congressional District Republican Committee. Only members of the committee can vote in this election, which will be held this Saturday in Charlotte Court House.