Download The Food Stamp App On Your Smart Phone

Stumbling across the internet led me to a funny meme that said something about a food stamp app for your smart phone. I laughed a little and then went about my day. Later that night I thought about this again and wondered if there really is such a thing. After eight years of Obama a food stamp app for your smart phone could be a reality. And guess what- it is!

I downloaded the app (screenshot from my phone is below).

Smart phones run a little more than the next style of phones and when you add the monthly fees, then they are not exactly cheap. But they have Twitter and games on them, so they are a must, I guess. It would suck to be in line at a grocery store, tweeting away, but unaware of your food stamp balance. Clearly, this app solves that problem.

Democrats want their voters suckling at their teat. They will give away “Obama phones” which allow their users to check their food stamp balance and tell people it is humane.

Also, the Trump tax cuts are pumping a lot of capital back into American’s free market economy, where EVERYONE can benefit.