Divided Democrats Try To Clean Up Their Own Mess On HB2491

On Monday Delegate Kathy Tran of Fairfax tried to defend in committee an inhumane bill, HB2491, that would have allowed abortion up to the moment of delivery. House Republicans defeated it. On Wednesday Governor Ralph Northam went a step farther saying that Tran’s bill would have allowed for the infant to be killed moments after delivery. This is beyond shocking. Both ideas have no place in a civilized society.

Democrats are now in full damage control. And it is not going well for them.

Yesterday Delegate Dawn Adams, a co-patron to HB2491 said in an email blast, “I did not read a bill I agreed to co-patron and that wasn’t smart or typical.” Del. Adams should resign because of this startling revelation.

Another co-patron doubled down on his support. Socialist Delegate Lee Carter said he is proud to be a co-patron on HB2491 and then claimed, once again, to be a victim, somehow. When I asked him about this via Twitter he immediately blocked me without a response.

This morning Del. Tran posted a video on her Twitter account trying to explain her bill. Earlier this week Del. Tran took her Twitter account down as the freshman Democrat must have been surprised at the negative response her inhumane bill had attracted. Her video this morning was factually inaccurate. She claimed that her bill would not have changed any standard for late-term abortions, however she specially said in the committee hearing that she was changing the standard. I wonder what was the point of her bill if didn’t change anything?

House Democrats fully back Del. Tran. They tweeted this-

This afternoon Gov. Northam held a press conference with House Democrats to clean up their actions. Notably absent from the press conference was Del. Tran. In the press conference Gov. Northam, Attorney General Mark Herring (who is already running for governor), and House Minority Leader Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn defended Tran’s bill and found nothing wrong with Gov. Northam’s comments. Gov. Northam offered no apology, specially said he had no regrets over his comments, then tried to claim that he and his Democrat friends are the victims right now. It was unbelievable.

Despite the positions taken by House Democrats at their afternoon press conference Del. Tran said, “I misspoke, and I really regret that.”

So which is it? Do House Democrats really support changing third trimester abortion standards? Do they support what Del. Tran’s bill  On tried to do, or do they agree that she misspoke? It can’t be both. And do they really support Gov. Northam’s idea of killing an infant after birth? Right now, Virginia Democrats are all over the place trying to clean up after this horrible and inhumane bill.

The videos of Del. Tran and Gov. Northam are linked here.