Did Northam Pay For That Crazy Ad?

Earlier this week a radical leftwing organization with a name that disguises its lack of tolerance ran the most racist TV ad in campaign history. The group is called Latino Victory Fund, but only radical leftwing Hispanics are eligible; conservatives need not apply. Their ad involved a pick-up truck running down victims. It was taken down after the terrorist attack in New York, which involved a pick-up truck running down victims.

Crazy liberals have defended the ad by saying they are emotional and therefore overtly racist charges are appropriate. The talking point used most frequently here by the radical left has been to say that you wouldn’t have made the ad but understand the feelings, then pivot to other attacks. And that is, of course, a reprehensible way to approach this.

Democrat for Governor Ralph Northam joined in this chorus.

But now we are learning that Northam’s campaign may have paid for the ad.

Here’s the news from FOX:


And here is the report Northam’s campaign filed.


$62,729 is a lot of money.