Del. Poindexter Responds To Northam’s Veto

Delegate Charles Poindexter, the chief patron of HB 2270, released the following statement on Governor Ralph Northam’s veto.

Statement of Delegate Poindexter on Governor Northam’s veto of HB 2270

RICHMOND, VA – Virginia Delegate Charles D. Poindexter (R-Franklin County) issued the following statement Friday regarding Governor Northam’s veto of HB 2270.

“Shame on the Governor for vetoing HB 2270. His stated desire for criminal illegal aliens to ‘feel comfortable, supported and protected’ is ill comfort to the citizens and children who become their victims if released without ICE performing at least a Risk Assessment. This veto is nothing but the Governor and his allies shielding illegal criminal aliens while changing the topic from birthing the baby, making it ‘comfortable’ and then deciding whether or not to murder it.”

“Regarding his claims that this common sense bill would create fear and avoidance of our public safety agencies, those who have already broken the law and are being released from jail should fear further arrests and proceedings and all citizens or citizens-to-be should always cooperate with law enforcement. That is the responsibility of being an American.”

“Contrary to what the Governor says, all that HB 2270 does is require a notification of release, so ICE can determine if the prisoner is a likely future law breaker, then take action if so. Governor Northam is simply allowing potential crimes against Virginians that would otherwise not occur, so he needs to explain why and how that is not appropriate.”

HB2 2270 required jails to notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when an illegal alien is set to be released.

Current law prevents the jail from holding an illegal alien longer than the locality can for whatever local violation brought the individual to jail. In-order for ICE to bring that individual into custody, ICE would have to have an agent right there at the jail at the time of the release standing at the exit. The bill Northam vetoed would have helped facilitate a smooth transition.