Once Again Cockburn Shows How Willingly Disingenuous She Is

Leslie Cockburn, Democrat nominee in Virginia’s 5th congressional district, has once again lied about her opponent, Republican Denver Riggleman. Cockburn claimed that Riggleman chose to skip a candidates’ forum held last when the truth is he was unable to attend because work obligations he had in Colorado.

The forum, which obviously was just a trap for Cockburn to try to create negative press built on a false narrative, was held despite knowing all along that Riggleman would not be able to attend. They even had an empty chair for visual effects, which is totally inappropriate. The responsible thing to do would have been to work with both candidates to find a date that would accommodate both of their schedules.

But Cockburn has chosen to show no respect for her opponent and lied about Riggleman’s availability. You see, as a Republican, Riggleman works for a living. He has a job. He is an Air Force veteran who now works as a defense contractor. Cockburn doesn’t have a job so her schedule is wide open. Do you really think a trip to Colorado to work on a defense contract can be thrown together in the last minute so that Riggleman would have to miss the opportunity to showcase the stark contrast between him and his radical liberal opponent? Oh to conspiracy theorist who must believe that the 40 or so people who work on this defense contract all conspired together to allow Cockburn to have the stage to herself.

Of course Lyin’ Leslie tried to use work responsibilities as an attempt to drive to a wedge. This is the same Lyin’ Leslie who tried to tell voters that Riggleman is in to something called “Bigfoot erotica.” Hahaha. That lie didn’t go over so well. Last night Lyin’ Leslie’s campaign sent out a press release that said, “In reality, he won’t show up for our seniors today, just like he won’t be there for them in Congress.” That’s ridiculous. Why won’t Riggleman “be there” for seniors? Any reasons? Anyone can tell that that line is a lie.

Republicans work a living. Sometimes work gets in the way of things. Once elected to congress, Riggleman won’t be working on any more defense contracts so there is no need to worry about scheduling conflicts preventing him from representing the 5th. But Lyin’ Leslie tried to, once again, paint Riggleman as something he is not.

What happened to civility? Lyin’ Leslie is making all kinds of false claims about Air Force veteran Denver Riggleman. When will she show him the respect he deserves? Are her false narratives an example of a greater disrespect she holds for the US military? That would be consistent with the very disrespectful claims she published in a book, “Dangerous Liaison,” which paints the US military and foreign services as being puppets.

Lyin’ Leslie Cockburn needs to be honest. So far she hasn’t been. When her policy ideas are free stuff that the government can’t pay for, gun confiscation, and all the other things that Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters champion then what can we really expect from this radical liberal?