Casimir Pulaski Day

October 11 is Casimir Pulaski Day in Virginia. Earlier this year the General Assembly passed a resolution honoring Pulaski.

Here is House Joint Resolution 42 from the 2018 session-

WHEREAS, Kazimierz Michal Wladyslaw Wiktor Pulaski, or Casimir Pulaski, voluntarily sailed for America in June 1777 to risk his life for the freedom of the people of the United States and is renowned as a hero of the Revolutionary War and as the Father of the American Cavalry; and

WHEREAS, Benjamin Franklin wrote that Casimir Pulaski was “An officer famous throughout Europe for his bravery and conduct in defense of the liberties of his country,” having recommended his services to General George Washington as a member of the Continental Army cavalry; and

WHEREAS, upon his arrival in the United States, Casimir Pulaski wrote to George Washington, “I came here, where freedom is being defended, to serve it, and to live or die for it”; and

WHEREAS, at the Battle of Brandywine on September 11, 1777, Casimir Pulaski led a cavalry charge against enemy lines, avoiding a disastrous defeat for the Continental Army as well as saving the life of George Washington; and

WHEREAS, Casimir Pulaski, by an act of the Continental Congress in recognition of his services to the cause of American Independence, was promoted to the rank of brigadier general in the Continental Army cavalry on September 15, 1777; and

WHEREAS, Casimir Pulaski was conferred the title of Commander of the Horse by the Continental Congress and authorized to form a corps of 68 lancers and 200 light infantry, which became known as the Pulaski Cavalry Legion; and

WHEREAS, Casimir Pulaski valiantly made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom and liberty of the people of the United States on the morning of October 9, 1779, when he was mortally wounded in combat at the Second Battle of Savannah; he was taken aboard the American ship USS Wasp, where he died at sea on October 11, 1779; and

WHEREAS, the General Assembly formed Pulaski County on March 30, 1839, in honor of Casimir Pulaski’s services on behalf of the Commonwealth; and

WHEREAS, Casimir Pulaski gave aid to the United States and its people in their time of need and is now and forever a symbol of freedom in both the United States and the Republic of Poland; and

WHEREAS, Casimir Pulaski’s enduring legacy highlights the strong bond and rich history shared between the Commonwealth and the people of Poland; and

WHEREAS, October 11, 2019, marks the 240th anniversary of Casimir Pulaski’s death; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the House of Delegates, the Senate concurring, That the General Assembly designate October 11, in 2018 and in each succeeding year, as General Casimir Pulaski Day in Virginia.