Cap-And-Trade Coming Soon

The Virginia Air Pollution Control Board approved a cap-and-trade plan that aims to cut emissions on Virginia’s power plants. This plan makes Virginia the first southern state to move toward such measures.

Usually a job for the legislature, Governor McAuliffe, with the help of radical liberal Attorney General Mark Herring, has empowered an executive level board to side step the General Assembly on this matter. Next comes public comments, then the board will vote on a final proposal.

From an AP article:

“It’s clear, as McAuliffe winds down his term and looks ahead to his own political future, he has his mind less on Virginia and more on Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada,” said House GOP Caucus Chairman Tim Hugo.

“Virginia is uniquely vulnerable to the threat of climate change and many of our residents are already experiencing its impacts,” McAuliffe said in a statement Thursday. “We do not have the luxury of waiting for Washington to wake up to this threat – we must act now.”

This comes as a result of the Trump administration not signing the Paris climate deal, a treaty which was never ratified by the Senate. So T-Mac and his liberal governor friends want to take action if the feds don’t. All this for Democrats to learn about federalism is a bit much. It would’ve been much easier on everyone if they had learned about it in 8th grade civics class like the rest of us.

But the problem is not federalism, it’s imperial executive authority. Next time, the Democrats should follow Virginia’s Constitution and involve the General Assembly. So this is all really just another example of how the Democrats enjoy the end justifying their unconstitutional means.

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia put a cap in the feds’ cap-and-trade bill. We feel the same (figuratively of course), video below. We wish T-Mac would make a commercial this cool.