Bishop Jackson: No Hyphenated Americans

Bishop EW Jackson has a suggestion for America; “We must do away with the hyphenated identity.” Right on.

The left loves to divide America up into subgroups so that they can brand those groups with messages of guilt and preconceived assumptions. To liberals, everyone is some sort of identity except American who must act a certain way and think a certain way based on the first part of the hyphenated identity. Just being an American is not enough to liberals, you have to be a hyphenated something in order to express an identity.

It’s mostly used with race. Any minority can’t be an American to liberals, they must be an African-American, or a Hispanic-American, or a Asian-American-Pacific Islander. Why can’t minorities just be American?

This hyphenated identity has grown thanks to the LGBTQABCXYZ crazies. That group of confused mental patients really need serious help. They created the hyphenated identity of sexual preference and gender confusion. To liberals, a gay man is a Gay-American before he walks into the room. And the gender issue is so nuts that the liberals have created a term for normal people called Cisgender-Americans. Unbelievable.

All this identity politics needs to stop. It doesn’t unite us, it only divides. And I am not being divisive when I point out that this nonsense is all coming from liberal Democrats because the first step in problem solving is to properly identity the problem.

Republicans consider themselves to be American. No, nationalism is not racist. There is nothing wrong with taking pride in being an American. But liberals, and some confused moderate Republicans, can’t wrap their heads around that.

When conservative EW Jackson ran for office he would often begin his speeches with, “My name is EW Jackson and I am not an African-American, I am an American!” Jackson, born in America, was stating a fact. He doesn’t need a hyphenated identity to feel comfortable about being an American, and neither should any other American. Just be American, it’s ok.

Here is the latest video from Jackson where he talks about the need to ditch the hyphenated identity from our culture. Doing so will unite us as Americans. He’s right.