Andrew Pullen for School Board

An important local race to watch is for a seat on the Fluvanna County School Board. It is important because School Board matters and because we have a solid conservative running for office for the first time in Kents Store Volunteer Fire Department Chief Andrew Pullen.

I’m “Pullen for Andrew for School Board” because I know Andrew as a community leader who has been very active in local issues his entire adult life. There will be no learning curve or prolonged orientation period with Pullen; he is ready on day one. Pullen has helped Republican candidates each cycle as a grassroots volunteer knocking doors, making calls, and putting up signs, and now it’s his turn to run.

So who else is “Pullen for Andrew for School Board?” For starters, Delegate Lee Ware, Chairman of the Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors Mike Sheridan, Fluvanna County School Board Member Charles Rittenhouse, and Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie, to name a few. Here are their endorsements, posted on Pullen’s campaign Facebook page.

“Working as I do with public officials in four counties I can affirm what many Columbia District citizens know already: Andrew Pullen is an able, energetic, and devoted to his community far beyond his years. As a former teacher, and a former member of the State Board of Education, too, I also know how vital it is for our local schools to have men and women of Andrew’s caliber and dedication serving our children on the School Board. Andrew is a loving father, a loyal citizen and servant of his community, and a champion for the highest quality education Fluvanna County can offer our children. It is therefore an honor to recommend to you the election of Andrew Pullen to the Fluvanna County School Board, representing the Columbia District, on November 7.”

-Delegate Lee Ware (65th House District)

“I’ve known Andrew, and his family, since he was a child. I taught him in school, coached him on the field, volunteered with him on the fire department, we go to church together, we hunt together; I know Andrew as well as anyone. He’s developed innovative plans to deliver better service while saving hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars as the Fire Chief in Kents Store all while growing the department to reflect the community it serves. As a leader in our community and a parent, Andrew understands the important role that the school board has in developing and educating the next generation of Flucos. I know that no one will work harder than Andrew to ensure that students are first and I am excited to see his ideas for how to address our rising healthcare costs for faculty, expansion of STEM and CTE education and focus on preparing our children for success in the workforce or admission to college. Please join me in supporting Andrew Pullen to represent the Columbia District on the Fluvanna County School Board.”

-Mike Sheridan, Chairman of the Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors- Columbia District

“I am endorsing Andrew Pullen for School Board. I know Andrew, his work ethic and his commitment to Fluvanna County. He will be an asset and welcomed addition to the School Board, as well as an advocate for our teachers, students and the taxpayers of Fluvanna County. He has my full support.”

-Charles Rittenhouse, Fluvanna County School Board- Cunningham District

“Andrew understands that when it comes to providing better opportunities for future generations, the proper role of government is not to guarantee equality of outcomes, but equality of opportunity. That means we have a moral duty to ensure all children have access to an excellent public school. Andrew knows that every child is unique and his goals to expose children to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education early and often, investing in career technical education and allowing teachers to push their students to pursue their passions ensures that all students have an opportunity to reach their full potential.

“Andrew and I agree that taking care of our students means that we have to take care of our teachers, bus drivers, custodians, counselors, mechanics, nurses and all of the staff that we trust with our children. He has submitted innovative policy to reduce the cost of health insurance and a career ladder program so that our teachers are evaluated and incentivized on their merit, not test scores.

“I know Andrew’s work ethic and his dedication to the community. I know that he will make decisions with the best interest of the students in mind because his six year old daughter is a 1st grader at Central Elementary. Please join me in supporting Andrew Pullen to represent the Columbia District on the Fluvanna County School Board on November 7th!”

-Ed Gillespie, Republican nominee for Governor