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Welcome to ConservativeVirginia.com. We are dedicated to advocating conservative principles in pursuit of maintaining a limited Constitutional Republic. Our team is made up of solid conservative politicos from around the commonwealth. We aim to challenge the thoughts of our readers and fellow Virginians. The end goal is to help advance ideas in a civil manner, promote conservative candidates for public office, and have some fun along the way. Bookmark us and check-in frequently as our hopper is full.


“A Republic, if you can keep it.” –Benjamin Franklin

Our politics category serves as our meat and potatoes. We will champion conservative principles. Count on us for biting news commentary and not so much for breaking news (spoiler alert; most “breaking news” on a blog is really just some guy sitting at home reading other news sources and being quick to repeat).

Honesty and accuracy are our most important concerns. If we missed the story on facts, then please let us know.


“Hindsight, then, is a tricky tool. Too much of it and we obscure the all-pervasive sense of contingency as well as the problematic character of the choices facing [past] generation[s]. On the other hand, without some measure of hindsight, some panoramic perspective on the past from our perch in the present, we lose the chief advantage –perhaps the only advantage– that the discipline of history provides, and we are then thrown without resources into the patternless swirl of events with all the time-bound participants themselves”. -Joseph Ellis, Author/Historian

Virginians have the wonderful opportunity of seeing and experiencing so much American history right here at home. We will argue on these pages that our commonwealth is the most historically rich state in the nation. The Revolutionary War’s last battle was fought at Yorktown, the Civil War ended at Appomattox Courthouse. Four of our first five US Presidents were Virginians and the one who wasn’t said that his greatest gift to the nation may have been the nomination of a Virginian to serve as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The father of the Declaration of Independence is a Virginian, the father of the Constitution is a Virginian, and our most revered Founder, you know the one who was described as “first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen,” is also a Virginian. We have Mount Vernon, Montpelier, and Monticello. We have Arlington National Cemetery, Marine Corps War Memorial, and National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial. Virginians have seen a lot and have endured a lot.

And there is so much more, way too much to mention comprehensively. We will use these pages to remember and honor our past. You can say our monuments are safe at ConservativeVirginia.com.

Candidates’ Forum:

“Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.” –Homer Simpson

Our Candidates’ Forum is dedicated to spreading the message of candidates for public office who carry solid conservative values. Our editorial board is made up of conservatives who vote Republican. Party does not come before principle.

We feel it matters who we nominate to run and who we elect to serve, so we will post our support in nominating contests and General Elections. Please note that if you don’t see your favorite candidate on here then do not necessarily take that as commentary against the individual, there’s just so many offices up each year that we can’t possibly mention them all (but of course there is a chance that they were left out on purpose).

Red NoVA:

A conservative viewpoint covering Northern Virginia politics and beyond. Red NoVA is our sister station and a blog which has gone on to her reward. She lives on only through Facebook and Twitter. Please like, follow, and share @RedNoVA8.


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