5th District Debate Brings Out Contrasts

Republican Denver Riggleman and Democrat Leslie Cockburn, congressional nominees in the 5th District, had their first debate in Rappahannock County Wednesday night.

Riggleman did a great job of advocating principles of individual freedom, lower regulation, and limited government, while his opponent said the government needs greater involvement in our lives.

Riggleman’s campaign manager said in a statement, “There were two different visions on display: one where Government allows individual freedom to prosper and one where the government controls everything.”

Plenty of people complained about the moderator’s obvious bias, which favored Cockburn. Some questions involved lectures to Riggleman on why the nanny state is needed. Riggleman held his own very well and came across as the likable professional he is.

If you missed the debate, you can watch it in full through this link.